What is Trip Logging

Trip Logging is a website for registering and managing your rides and fuel stops. You can perform kilometre and fuel stop registration by using the website or through the iPhone and Android App if you are on the road.

Trip Logging’s mission

It is Trip Logging’s mission to make things as easy and pleasant as possible for the user when manually registering rides and fuel stops, and present the data as clearly as possible.

Who is Trip Logging aimed at

Whether you are on the road with your company car, truck, bus or motorbike on a daily basis, Trip Logging offers each type of user the option to keep a registration of rides and a registration of fuel stops in the widest sense of the word.

Individual registration

You can register as an individual user with Trip Logging and you will get the default setting with which you can get going right away. You can then register rides and fuel stops using the iPhone App, Android App or the website. Depending on your personal preference, time setting or availability of equipment.

Group registration

If you wish to use a shared car or a carpool on which several users will keep the kilometrage and fuel stop registration, please contact us to enquire about the options.

Trip Logging is an excellent aid in the following situations

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